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Teamlink 3002 SHDSL
Modems : : 2 Mbps Modems

Teamlink 3002SHDSL TC-PAM scheme supporting full duplex symmetric data rate of Nx64 Kbps over twist pair line. 3002 SHDSL series family Supports Ethernet based SNMP and TELNET Optional has two different models,standalone, rack mount. Both can be configured as MASTER or SLAVE modes to deploy in point to point application environment. this model support hybrid plug in interfaces modules like (E1/V.35/64Kbps Co-dir/Ethernet) according to the application scenario. Maximum transmission distance reached 11Km to 6Km @ 64 Kbps to 2048 Kbps, based on 24AWG cable.
  Features & Benefits
  Support ITU-T standard G.991.2 Annex A and B, E1/V.35/64Kbps Co-dir/Ethernet interface

  2/4 wire mode selectable

  E1 and SHDSL line Alarm, performance monitoring and statistics provided

•  Firmware upgradeable

  Built in self-test, loop backs ,LL,RL.DIG,PATT

  Symmetric high-speed data access over single-pair or two pairs of twist copper wires

•  Under TCPAM scheme, support multi-rate (N*64Kbps) full duplex transmission;
     2 wire-mode 64 to 2048 kbps, 4-wire (Optional)

  Transmission distance up to 11 Km at 64 Kbps and 6 Km at 2048 Kbps (24 AWG)

  The most cost-effective solution for E1 line replacement.

•   User-friendly configuration through DIP Switches and push buttons or Front Panel LCD      and push buttons or Ethernet SNMP Management Port and TELNET optional

•  Embedded Operation Channel (EOC) for controlling and monitoring the remote unit       without interfering with the data transmission in compliance with ITU-T G.991.2       requirements

•   E1/V.35/64Kbps Co-dir/Ethernet network interface hybrid coexistence in one chassis

•   Protection as per ITU_T K21

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