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Teamlink 4064 C
Converters : : 64 Kbps Converters

Teamlink 4064C is a full-duplex Co-directional Interface Converter. It converts the G.703 Co-directional Interface to Standard Data Communication Interface V.35 and Vice Versa at 64 Kbps speed. It enables the connection of data communication equipment to a 64 Kbps Channel of PCM transmission equipment. Converter has built-in BER tester and it can be activated through the front-panel switch (BERT) for quick fault isolation. It also features diagnostic capabilities for performing loop back tests.
  Technical Specifications
  G.703 Co-Directional Interface
  4-W Co-directional Interface
  Full-duplex Operation
  Data Rate : 64 Kbps
  Connector : RJ - 45
  Impedance : 120 Ohms nominal

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