DGS &D Rate Contract

Teamlink 3002 VE
Converters : : 2 Mbps Converters



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Teamlink 3002VE, V.35 to 10 Base – T Ethernet network bridge is a equipment that through V.35 to implement Ethernet low cost connection. Adopt DTE interface style, Supply time piece from DCE equipment support rate reach to 10 Mbps. Ethernet interface adopt 10 Base - T standard Support 10 M full duplex and half duplex protocol. Teamlink 3002VE Support 10000 MAC address filtrate, support 256 frame data low memory, Filter and convert rate reach up to 15000 pps.
  Technical Specifications
  WAN Interface: V.35 (Nx64 Kbps)
  Interface Style: DTE
  Data Rate: 0 - 10 Mbps
  Support: 10 Mbps full duplex and half duplex protocol, 10000 MAC address, reach up to
  15000 pps

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