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Teamlink 2336
Modems : : Analog Modems


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Teamlink 2336E/D - 2144E/D is a 33.6K/14.4K bps external modem that supports both Data and Fax. It operates on 230V AC Power Input and 2336D/2144D operates on 24V or 48V DC. It can be operated either on Two / Four Wire Leased or Dial-up Telephone Lines. It supports both Asynchronous and Synchronous Operations and incorporates both Error Correction Protocol and Data Compression Techniques.
  Data / Fax Capability
  Call-back Security with Password protection
  Error Correction and Data Compression
  Automatic Fall back and fall forward
  Async / Sync Operation
  Hayes Compatible AT Command Set
  Leased / PSTN Operation
  Pulse or DTMF Dialing
  Dumb Mode Operation
  Automatic Speed Negotiation
  Two / Four Wire Operation
  Power - on Auto Dial

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