DGS &D Rate Contract

Teamlink - DL 002
Line Drivers


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  Technical Specifications
  Team Link Models
  TEAMLINK DL-002 (Async), Signals Supported TD, RD
  TEAMLINK DL-004 (Async) 4 Wire, Signal supported TD, RD, DTR, DSR
  TEAMLINK DL-004 (Sync / Async), Signal Supported TD, RD, RTS, CTS, TXCLK, RXCLK
  Baud Rate: 50 to 19.2 K Bit per Second
  Maximum Distance: 15 Kms. at 300 bps, 12 Kms. at 1200 bps, 8 Kms at 9600 bps,2
  Kms at 19.2K bps
  Transmit & Receive Mode: Differential Signal with optic isolater
  Cable Resistance: 90 Ohms / Km
  Error Rate: One Bit per Ten Lakhs
  Common Mode Rejection: 2500 Volts Peak

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