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Welcome to the world of HARBOUR SALES Pvt Ltd. Since its establishment in 2004, HARBOUR SALES Pvt Ltd New Delhi has been guided by timeless basic management philosophy, which states that the mission of an enterprise is to contribute to the progress and development of society and the well being of its customers through its business activities. It gives me great pleasure to share that we are and always will continue to put our efforts to make this as a mission for the development of the society..

HARBOUR SALES Pvt Ltd was established with the purpose of unifying all our  operations in India, with the explicit intent to unleash the combined strengths of our various organizations to create value to our esteemed Indian customers like

 Indian Railways,

 Paramilitary forces,

 Director General Supplies & Disposal and

 Ministry of Home Affairs

 (Besides different departments of State Governments).

To us, this is just the begining of a long journey to come and we pledge to bring the finest products and practices from HARBOUR SALES Pvt Ltd Kolkata.

We will strive for excellence in every aspect of what we do, which means earning and retaining the support by sustaining growth through continuous innovation and sound Business Management.

Our passion is to make HARBOUR SALES Pvt Ltd a trusted name in the industry. For that we need constant support, and trust of our manufacturers, hard work and belief of our dedicated team. We are confident that we can deliver all what we promise to our customers. Our greatest strength is our product ranges, perhaps there is no other company that can boast of a product portfolio such as ours

As a compliment to our excellent range of products, we also stand by our customers with a high level after sales Customer Care support.

 If given an opportunity we will be always happy to serve you.


Angad Singh

Managing Director


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